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Driving Safety Tips That Every Driver Should Know

Whenever you are behind the wheel of a car – no matter if you are along or have passengers – safe driving should aways be your primary concern.

As people are more distracted than ever today, it is crucial to remind ourselves of the dangers of driving and the types of practices that can keep us safer.

Top tips for driving safety

  • Stay focused on the road: multi-tasking is a major no-no. Never use your phone or another electronic device while you are driving.
  • Slow down: this gives you extra time to see and react potential dangers while driving.
  • Drive defensively: always drive like you are expecting an “attack” and be ready to respond effectively. Consider other drivers as crazy people who could do something very dangerous at any moment.
  • Keep at least a 2 second buffer between yourself and the car in front of you; 4 seconds in bad weather.
  • Plan for time: include pit stops, traffic lights, tolls, and so on into your driving time so you don’t end up driving dangerously in a rush.
  • Make all your adjustments (mirror, seats, climate controls, etc.) before you start driving
  • Don’t eat or drink while driving but pull over
  • Keep any luggage or cargo secure so it doesn’t fly around while driving
  • If anything falls on the floor or under the seat don’t try to pick it up while you are still driving
  • Seatbelt, seatbelt, seatbelt
  • Always drive sober and drug-free

Some additional tips

  • Don’t let children fight or climb around in the car: on top of the danger to them in their unbuckled state, they can distract you from the road.
  • Don’t drive when you are tired: it will slow down your perception and reaction time.
  • Always change lanes cautiously: even if you don’t cause an accident by changing lanes suddenly without signaling, you can still anger other drivers and cause them to drive more aggressively.
  • Drive even more carefully than usual during deer season

What to do if you get pulled over

If a police car is following you with the lights flashing, pull over as quick as you can safely do so.

Simply wait in your car for the police officer to approach, and be ready to do the following:

  • Turn on the interior light if it’s nighttime
  • Keep your hands visible. Reaching under the seat or into your coat might make the officer think you are going for a weapon
  • Give your license and registration to the officer if they ask to see it. Also if the officer asks you to step out of the car be ready to do so slowly and calmly without making any sudden movements
  • Stay calm, be polite, and don’t even consider bribing the police office
  • If you do get a citation that you feel is unfair, take it up with a lawyer in traffic court – there’s no point in trying to haggle with the police officer and if anything it will just make matters worse.


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