Common Injuries from Car Accidents

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Here at “Get Back on the Road” we have seen the reality of Australian roads that others have not: although most journeys won’t involve any kind of mishap at all, altogether the road accidents that do occur add up to over 700,000 injuries each year.

In most cases, fortunately, these injuries are relatively minor, although even minor injuries can cause serious distress: even if not for the victim, the guilt experienced by the at-fault party can become significant.

We wish for nothing but safety for every Australian driver, but in the event that you are one of the unfortunate 700,000 this year we are here to help you get whatever financial compensation you are entitled to.

Here are some of the most common minor injuries that occur in car accidents:


This one makes the very top of the list. Although this injury has recently come under scrutiny because of some fraudulent claims, it is a real injury and anyone who has experienced it knows just how severely in can affect your entire life.

If you do receive a medical diagnosis of whiplash, then you should be entitled to compensation.

Lower Back Injuries

While damage to the shoulders and neck (whiplash) are the most common, lower back injuries are also extremely common following a car accident.

Though seat belts are a godsend for protecting your body from many of the major injuries associated with the impact of a crash, one unfortunate side-effect of them is an increase in injuries to the lower back.

Shoulder and Arm Injuries

The next most common injuries are things like dislocated shoulders caused by the body suddenly moving in unexpected ways following the impact.

Now although these minor injuries are far more common, unfortunately more serious injuries do occur and the most common ones are as follows:

Fractures or broken bones

These more serious bone injuries tend to occur in cases where seat belts are not being worn or are being worn improperly.

These injuries also range in severity, from small hand fractures to more sever and in some cases permanent spinal injuries.

These kinds of injuries also have after-effects like arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Crush injuries

If your car takes significant damage from the impact then there is risk of being crushed by your own vehicle.

These types of injuries also vary in terms of severity, but generally include things like broken bones, tissue damage, damage to the organs, internal bruising, or even paralysis.

In very serious cases it can also necessitate the amputation of a limb.

Burn injuries

In the event that you are trapped in the wreck of your car and are exposed to fire, in some cases accident victims receive burn injuries.

Serious burns can cause permanent damage, and lead to a number of further complications. Even less serious burns, for instance, can prevent you from working during your recovery time.

Head, brain and spine injuries

These are the worst injuries of all, and in more serious cases can entail a permanent effect on the rest of your life.

Please remember that when it comes to head injuries, the effects can sometimes creep up slowly on you, so even if you initially feel fine after the accident this does not necessarily mean that you won’t have problems later on.

No matter what the effects of your injury, you should always consult with professionals.

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Our rental cars are free of charge if you are not at fault in a car accident.

It is a little understood fact that if you are not responsible for a car accident you are legally entitled to a accident replacement rental vehicle, fully paid for by the at fault insurance company. Most Australian insurance companies suggest for their insurers to rent the vehicle themselves then claim the costs back.

As you would fully understand the cost of renting a car can financially draining for some people to cover.

Luckily the Australian industry of accident replacement vehicles has evolved to address this scenario.

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