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What You Should Do In The Event Of A Car Crash

The Government of Australia has taken major steps to increase road safety in recent years, such as raising the penalties for traffic violations and reducing the speed limit.

Nevertheless, car accidents remain an issue which costs billions of dollars every year for the Australian economy.

It is an unfortunate truth that even the most cautious driver on earth is still never entirely safe from getting into a car crash. Whether it’s due to bad weather, the negligence of the other driver, or even just a split second of inattention, a crash can happen to anyone.

But no matter how or why an accident occurs, everyone should know the proper steps to follow in the event that one does occur. Here is an outline of the steps you need to take:

At the Scene

Legally, any driver implicated in a car accident has to stop driving right away. If you were driving in a busy area like residential road or a freeway, what you should do is first move your car as much out of the way of the other traffic as possible.

But first, make sure you take photos right away for the sake of your insurance claims.

If the car is too badly off for you to even move it, then turn on your hazard lights and wait to get out of the vehicle once you can do so safely. hile you’re waiting, use the time to call the police if you want their written report of the scene for your insurance claim, or call an ambulance if you or someone else is injured.

Exchange Information

It is recommended to get as much information as you can from the other driver for the sake of your insurance claim. While waiting for the police to get there, exchange the following info with the other driver: insurance details, driver’s licence details, car registration details, and the name and address of the driver.

It is always a good idea to jot down a few notes about the scene of the accident, like the time and day or any other details that might be relevant to the claim. Getting as many photos as you can of the scene and the area surrounding it should also be of benefit to your insurance claim.

Call Your Insurance Company

After you call your insurer, they will be able to take you through the steps of the process of filing a claim once you provide them with all your personal details, as well as those of the other driver.

In order for them to file the most accurate report possible, it’s best to provide them with as many additional details about the accident as you can.

In the event that your accident takes place in a rental car, the steps should remain the same up until you can your insurance company; instead you should call the rental car company instead in order to receive instructions from them about what you should do next.

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