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Who is at fault in rear-end accidents?

who is at fault in rear end accidents

In most situations, if only 2 cars are involved in an accident, the car that hit from behind is liable. If there were 3 or more cars involved in the accident, it’s will be necessary to determine if the car behind hit first, or whether it had stopped in time, and was pushed into the front car the 3rd car behind it.

Car Insurance Claim Process

car insurance claim process

No one wants to get continual practice at making car accident claims, but it is clearly a case where being knowledgeable about the process will hold you in good stead.

How To Make A Car Insurance Claim

how to make a car insurance claim

As you know you can claim against your own insurance policy in the event of an accident, but remember that you don’t always have to, and it is important to consider whether you actually need to or not.

Free Courtesy Car Rental

Free Courtesy Car Rental

Were you involved in an accident but was not at fault? Being involved in a car accident can be highly inconvenient and in some scenarios very costly especially if your car has to go in for lengthy repairs. Many people are left without a car to go about their busy lives and schedule.