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What To Do When It Is Not My Fault – Car Rental Advice

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Free Car Rental After An Accident. When you are involved in a minor or major car accident, the last thing on your mind (after everyone involved has evaded injury) is a replacement rental vehicle whilst your car is in for repairs.

Claiming Car Rental After An Accident

Claiming Car Rental After Accident

If you are not at fault in a car accident you can file for a car rental claim and what is more you can have a professional company do it on your behalf absolutely free. Get Back On The Road a professional ‘not at fault’ car hire company is here to assist you!

How To Get Free Car Hire After Being In An Accident

Aren't At Fault In A Car Accident

Dealing directly with insurance companies can be a nightmare of paperwork and red tape which will bleed you of your precious time and test your patience. The team at Get Back On The Road is your buffer between the insurance companies and you, and they will work on your behalf to get you a free rental car fast, after you have been involved in accident where you are deemed not responsible.

Best Car Rental Company After Accident

Not At Fault Car Rental

Had An Accident? Contact A Reliable Sydney Car Rental Company For Fast Assistance Based on a recent court of Appeal’s decision, a car rental company is entitled to claim the costs of renting out a car from the liable party’s insurance on behalf of the not at fault car owner, as a result of an accident.