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No Insurance But Not At Fault

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Car accidents without insurance

Normally if you don’t have your own car insurance, you won’t be able to claim any costs for damages to your own vehicle or to that of the other driver (not to mention any compensation for personal injuries). But if it is quite indisputable that the other driver was the one at fault, in these cases you are able to claim the costs of repairs, towing, car hire etc. from the other driver.

Aren’t At Fault In A Car Accident

Aren't At Fault In A Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, and are able to prove that the other driver and not yourself was the party at fault, you will likely be entitled to compensation. But proving who is at fault is not always easy, especially since the other party will be just as motivated as you are, regardless of what really happened, to prove they are not at fault.

How To Get An Accident Loan Car

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If you get into an accident which is not your fault, then making an insurance claim doesn’t have much to do with your own policy, and hence has just as little to do with whether or not you…..

Free Accident Replacement Vehicles

Free Accident Replacement Vehicles

What are your rights when it comes to a vehicle accident that is proved to be not your fault?
Many people do not realise it is their right to drive an accident replacement vehicle…..